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How those experiencing menopause and using hormone therapy can cause hearing loss

September, 2017    |

According to a study published by The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), research that discusses the benefits of hormone therapy for women experiencing hearing loss, especially for those experiencing menopause, no longer holds any merit—suggesting that hormone therapy negatively effects hearing.

About 48 million Americans experience hearing loss—a number that will continue to rise as people age. As estrogen and progestogen levels decrease for women as they age, as well as their hearing, many have suggested hormone therapy as a beneficial aid.

After analyzing 80,972 women who claimed to have hearing problems, researchers have noted a higher risk of hearing loss for those using oral hormone therapy.

“The finding from this observational study that women who underwent menopause at a later age and used oral hormone therapy had greater hearing loss was unexpected but should lead to more testing in a randomized, clinical trial,” says executive director Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton.  “Information about the potential effect on hearing is important to include in a discussion regarding the risks and benefits of hormone therapy for symptomatic menopausal women.”