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Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre

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November, 2011    |

Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre

A centre of excellence

The Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre opened its doors not even 18 months ago, yet it has seen itself swell to a facility boasting up to 250 patient visits per week, and has already fostered impressive referral networks with physicians across the province of Nova Scotia and across North America. The vision of two driven and passionate ND’s, Craig Herrington and Rosalyn Hayman, the Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre embodies the true essence of a modern facility of world class, evidence- based integrative healthcare that has caught the eye of the entire province

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The clinic’s founders set out with a series of clearly defined goals. They wanted to be the largest naturopathic facility in the province, and they successfully achieved this in the epicentre of the city of Halifax. They recognized the need for respectability and sought to bring on board a well- tenured local naturopathic physician to help achieve this; Dr Sarah Baillie, ND was inspired by the teams vision and joined the team in time for its opening, an ND who had been practicing in Halifax since 1999. The team demanded of itself delivery of best medical practices, choosing to implement evidence- based approaches afforded to the naturopathic profession. Eloquently executed marketing initiatives and professional networking programs quickly allowed the team to achieve its vision of a naturopathic facility integrated into the community and working hand- in- hand with an array of local conventional physicians.

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The facility has five treatment rooms, a blood lab, and an IV room. Jackie Batog, RN, has joined the team and manages all blood and injection services. Jackie runs all conventional and integrative diagnostic tests, performs injections, and sets up IV’s. The facility also boasts a highly diverse dispensary. Like many of the most successful clinics IHP interviews, the team carries a small number of items from each of a very large number of companies, as opposed to relying on two or three companies to stock their dispensary. “The best each company has to offer” governs the manner in which the dispensary is built. St Francis Herb Farm and Naturally Nova Scotia are the two botanical companies called upon to supply tinctures. NFH, Thorne, Cytomatrix, and a selection of Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre private label offerings comprise the nutraceutical companies most heavily relied upon.

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The facility is truly eclectic in terms of the types of patients attracted. It has established an excellent reputation in terms of cancer care, with physicians from across the city and province referring patients for this purpose. High dose vitamin C, low dose naltrexone, and an anti cachexia drip are commonly employed treatments for cancer, in addition to intense dietary counseling and an assortment of orally administered essential nutrients, botanical medicines, nutraceutical and functional food interventions. The facility also boats well- developed programs for women’s health, endocrine abnormalities, weight loss, and others.

In addition to the cachexia drip, the facility has pioneered a fibromyalgia drip featuring B complex vitamins, vitamin C, MSM, and glutathione. For patients with chronic pain, neurotherapy and prolotherapy are commonly employed. Chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease is another important offering of the facility, utilizing EDTA and/ or plaquex (a phosphatidylcholine solution). Jackie Batog, RN, has introduced unique and cutting- edge diagnostic options, notably an advanced cardiovascular risk panel that includes assessment of Apo-E, LDL subclasses, oxidized LDL, etc…

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The team has effectively implemented a round table approach to patient care. Frequent meetings are held to review tough cases. An environment devoid of competition has successfully been created. Patients are frequently seen by multiple ND’s within the same facility, coinciding with the evolution of the specific case and the requirements of the next stage of care. The team has found that the minds of four ND’s working together deliver superior patient outcomes relative to what any one of the ND’s could achieve alone. Some simple themes emerge as the team describes what they perceive as the keys to the success of the Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre. Locating in an under-serviced area of Canada meant a population eager for effective holistic treatments was awaiting their arrival. A commitment to an evidencebased practice resonated well not only with patients but with surrounding conventional physicians the team intended on achieving collaboration with. A simple but well- executed marketing plan that included bringing an experienced and respected ND on board, networking with local physicians, and lectures to groups that included corporate seminars as well as a local women’s and children’s hospital.

IHP is grateful to the Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre for allowing us to showcase their work to you. Their diligence, hard work, and commitment to excellence in naturopathic medicine has allowed for a quick and impressive magnitude of integration with the surrounding community. Their decision to apply effort to integrate with local physicians has proven invaluable. The number of conventional physicians open to sound delivery of integrative medicine is growing at an exponential pace. We wish the team continued success in delivering an exceptional standard of care to an under- serviced region of the country.

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